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Justine Darmanian

Use the official hashtag - #PanMass2017 in all of your PMC posts! Make sure to follow, share, and tag the PMC on your favorite social media channels!

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Bill Alfano

Push #PMC2013 to the top of the social media conversation during PMC weekend. Take advantage of all of the digital opportunities that the Pan-Mass has to offer to help you fundraise and spread the word. 

*Post your PMC profile page using your own Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. accounts.

*DOWNLOAD a PMC logo to use for your Facebook profile picture and/or cover art or Twitter avatar

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Bill Alfano

Can't get enough PMC in your life?  Well join us on one or more of our social media channels!

Facebook - Pan-Mass Challenge

Facebook - PMC Kids Rides

Twitter - @PanMass -

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Pan-Mass Challenge

There are only two more weekends before THE weekend you've been anticipating, the 33rd annual PMC. As you venture out on your remaining training rides, show the PMC what you see during each ride.